Первичный тест на интеллект, логику и знание англи

1John likes 169 but not 168; 400 but not 600; 289 but not 288. Which does he prefer?
2If two workers can make two parts in two minutes, how many workers will it take to make 18 parts in six minutes?
3If it were an hour later, it would be twice as much until midnight as it would be if it were two hours later. What time is it now?
4One of the following statements is similar in meaning to the saying, "Birds of the same feather flock together."
5What is the number that is one quarter of one half of one fifth of 800?
6In the sequence of numbers from 1 to 99 (1,2,4,5...99), how many times is each digit encountered?
7Solve the task. What is the number behind the question mark?
8Starting at the same point, two boys make in opposite directions 8 steps, then turn left and make another 6 steps. How many steps are there between them?
9There are 1500 sheep in a herd. Some are grey and have white stripes, some are all white and some are all black. One third are pure white. Is it true that 500 sheep are definitely black?
10Two years ago, Joan was three times younger than Sue. Eight years on from now, Joan will be 3/4 of Sues's age. How old is Sue now?
11Continue the series below? 2 10 4 9 6 8 8 7 ? ?
12How many rectangles are on the picture below?
13Continue the sequence
14Continue the sequence
15Which letter comes next? L K M L N M O N P O ?
16Вставьте пропущенную букву в ряд: Х Т Р Н Л ?
17Уберите лишнее
18Какое число пропущено? 15 13 ? 12 17
19Какое из этих животных самое большое?
20Выберите буквы слова, которое заканчивает первое слово и начинает второе. ЧЕЛО (...) СЕЛЬ
21Продолжите ряд
22Продолжите ряд
23Продолжите ряд (выберите цифры, составляющее нужное число)
24Поменяв местами две фигуры, можно восстановить порядок в ряду
25Продолжите ряд букв: М Н Л П З ?
26Продолжите ряд
27Введите слово, которому могут предшествовать буквы слева.
28Какое число пропущено?
29Какая фигура подходит на место пустого квадрата?
30Какое число пропущено?
31Какое число пропущено?
32Какая фигура лишняя?
33Введите слово в скобках апологет (паук) кукуруза опрессовка (....) тренировка
34Продолжите ряд
35Введите слово, которому могут предшествовать любые буквы слева.
36Продолжите ряд: 4Г 8Ж 12К
37Введите пропущенное число (выберите соответствующие цифры): 112 (676) 226 211 (...) 156
38Какая из фигур подходит на место пустого квадрата?
39Выберите лишнее число
40Введите пропущенное число
41Какое число продолжит ряд: 4 6 9 14 ?
42Вставьте пропущенну букву
43Введите следующее число: 28 33 31 36 34 ?
44Какое число пропущено? Возможны 2 варианта ответа, поэтому выберите оба варианта.
45Чему равно Д/Б при условии, что АБВ + ГДЕ + ЖЗИ = ААДЖ И * К = БД * Г
46Many teachers ....... their students to learn a foreign language.
47Learning a second language is not the same ....... learning a first language.
48It takes ....... to learn any language.
49Many people think that Chinese is the world's ....... language.
50English is also difficult because of the exceptions ....... have to be learnt.
51You can learn quite quickly, but only if you ....... make an effort.
52A lot of people aren't used ....... grammar in their own language.
53Many adult students of English wish they ....... learning earlier.
54In some countries students have to spend a lot of time working ........ their own.
55There aren't ........ easy ways of learning languages.
56....... with a foreign family can be a good way to learn.
57Many students of English would ....... take tests.
58In some countries ....... very hot all the time.
59In cold countries people wear thick clothes ........ warm.
60Very ........ people can travel abroad.
61In some places ....... almost every day.
62You've heard of Mohammed Ali, ....... ?
63He is one of ....... boxers in the world.
64After he ....... an Olympic gold medal he became a professional boxer.
65He has travelled a lot ....... as a boxer and famous personality.
66Many people ....... he is the greatest boxer of all time.
67Like any top sportsman he ... train very hard when he was fighting.
68Though he has lost his title, we ....... always remember him.
69It wasn't until the beginning of this century that anybody ....... able to fly in a machine which was heavier than air.
70The Wright brothers' machine was the forerunner of the airliners that are ....... common sight today.
71They ....... hardly have imagined that, about 50 years later,
72a man ....... land on the moon.
73Although space satellites have existed ....... less than 50 years,
74we are now dependent ....... them
75By 2050 there ....... satellites in space for 90 years
76and all space powers are planning to ....... space stations built.
77When these ....... completed,
78it will be the first time that astronauts ........ work in space in large numbers.

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